Gear Review: Vessi Cityscape 2.0 Shoes


I first experienced Vessi shoes back in 2018 when I did my first review of their original Cityscape shoe. Vessi was just such a rad company making fully waterPROOF knit shoes – stylish, comfy and perfect for our WETcoast weather – so I just had to try them out. Now that they’ve launched a new version of those – the Cityscape Classic (aka the Cityscape 2.0), I was stoked when Vessi reached out asking me to do another review. Below I’ll be sharing a review of the men’s style from my husband’s feedback as I wanted him to get to try out this great shoe too. (I tested out a couple of their other models – the Weekend Chelsea and the Weekend Sneaker shoes, which you can read here.)

My husband Salvador and I have a pretty casual, outdoorsy lifestyle. We are always on the go so we both choose ease, practicality and comfort over everything else when it comes to footwear.

The Vessi Cityscape Classic shoes, while having the look of a traditional laced shoe, are actually slip-ons, making them super easy and quick to put on. They’re comfortable to wear whether popping out to a casual meeting, running errands, or a casual outdoor adventure.

Like all Vessi footwear, they are 100% waterproof so they’re great for any weather. Sal is especially excited to use them in the summer, as a single shoe that can transition from our dry land activities to being watershoes swimming from rocky beaches, and launching our paddleboards. They’re even grippy enough that he’ll of course wear them for rock climbing easy routes.

I only thing I didn’t love about my original Cityscapes was the foot opening was quite small and so it was a bit of a struggle to put them on. Sal mentioned he doesn’t find that at all with these newer model Cityscapes. They have a wider, elasticized opening making this a non-issue now. His only critique of the shoe is that the sole, while comfortable, is pretty thin compared to the thick-soled long distance trail runners he’s used to wearing so he wouldn’t wear them for the 8 hour hikes I drag him on regularly, but says they’re perfect for the days when he’s not on his feet consistently all day long.

The backs have convenient loops making them extra easy to slip on.

Overall, Sal is a big fan.

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