Gear Review: Olight Array 2S Headlamp


A good headlamp is one of the most important pieces of equipment for every hiker. Lack of light is the number one reason hikers call for Search and Rescue, wrongly thinking a cell phone light or other non-technical light will be sufficient.

So when Olight reached out to ask me to review another headlamp of theirs, I was very happy to participate. You may recall, I previously reviewed the Perun 2, a great headlamp that doubles as a flashlight we have been putting to great use on the trails and around the house too.

This time, I will be telling you about the Array 2S. Another really great product by Olight, this headlamp is small and lightweight and really packs a punch with its fantastic high lumen output, and hiker-specific features like hands-free setting changes, an SOS function, 60 degree tilting, waterproofness and drop resistance.


Max 1,000 LED light

– Flood + spotlight
– Floodlight
– Spotlight
– Red light

Light Throw:
140 m (metres)

131 grams / 4.62 oz (with battery pack and headband)

(light only)
Length: 2.01in/51mm
Width: 0.94in/24mm
Height: 0.94in/24mm

Waterproof Rating:
IPX4 Rating (underwater for 6.5 feet for 30 minutes)

Basically it means that you can use the headlamp in heavy rain, but you cannot submerge it into water.

Learn more about IP (Ingress Protection Marking) ratings mean here.

Overview of the Olight Array 2S:

What I Like About It

No one wants to carry around extra weight when out hiking, especially backpacking. This headlamp is super bright, yet doesn’t weigh as much as some of the high-powered headlamps out there. At only 131 grams, you won’t even notice it is in your backpack, and doesn’t feel cumbersome when you’re wearing it on your head.

USB Rechargeable
Gone are the days when it’s necessary to have disposable batteries to power up gear. USB-rechargeable all the way! This headlamp is USB A-C rechargeable so no need for specialized cords you don’t already have around your home. It is better for the environment and your wallet. And there are so many options for power packs of all sizes and weights to bring along with you as backup to recharge it when needed.

SOS Feature
Once it’s powered on, quickly press the power button three times and it shines a bright light in SOS mode – three long, three short, three long. This is an excellent feature for hikers if you ever get lost or need help. Many hikers don’t know the SOS signal so this takes the guesswork out of it. Simply press it again one time to deactivate.

Here in the PNW, it’d be silly to buy a headlamp that isn’t at very minimum water-resistant. Oddly, many headlamps on the market fritz out with a little bit of moisture. And we all know that here in Vancouver, we don’t just have a little bit of moisture, especially in the winter when we use headlamps much more often given the shorter days. The Array 2S is IPX4 rated, meaning that you can use the headlamp in heavy rain, but you cannot submerge it into water. *Note that it is not the most waterproof rating out there, so I would consider a headlamp like the Perun 2 with IPX8 rating if you’re planning on being out all night in the pouring rain, but the Array 2S is totally sufficient for the average hiker hiking a few hours even in heavy rain.

Olight stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Learn more here.

Touch-Free Hand Wave Control
Simply wave your hand in front of it left and right to switch mode. Or wave up/down to change brightness.

Having a good-quality headlamp is one of the Ten Essentials because it is so important for your safety as a hiker. It also allows you to get out and safely enjoy nighttime hiking, which is oh so much fun!

So if you’re in the market for a new headlamp, check out the Array 2S. You can learn more at . For the next few days it is on sale for Black Friday so act now!

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