The Backpack We’ve All Been Waiting For


You know the sitch. It’s Friday night and you’re prepping for your early morning departure to hike that epic peak you’ve been dreaming about all year. It’s early autumn, and like the responsible outdoorswo/man you are, you know the weather can turn on a dime from a scorching hot day to a blizzardy snowstorm. Forecast calls for sunshine and blue skies but you pull out the down jacket and shell just in case. Then the water reservoir, headlamp, GPS, Swiss army knife, first aid kit, emergency blanket, bear spray, snacks… Your pile is getting bigger and bigger and you start asking yourself if you really need all this. It’s just a dayhike in an area you’re familiar with after all. You’re about to climb 1200 meters and your pack with its framing to allow airflow through the back and weight distribution is already pretty heavy when empty. So what do you do? Reach for your Sea to Sky Pack from The Pacific Northwest Co. of course! It’s the backpack we’ve all been waiting for, the solution to this conundrum!

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The Sea to Sky Pack is ultra lightweight yet durable and packs down so tiny it can fit in your pocket. It’s so versatile. It’s completely waterproof so no need to carry around a waterproof cover for your backpack for those rainy hikes or snowboarding adventures. You can even use this bag like a drysack. Throw it into your kayak or on top of your SUP for care-free water adventures. Heck, take it down scubadiving if you want! The chest strap will keep it secured to your body to minimize movement.

It’s such a great pack, but don’t just take my word for it. This Kickstarter sensation was funded in 8 hours because so many people recognized what an incredible product this is. They raised 56 times what they needed to get it into production. $560,000 was pledged for this lil’ ol’ backpack. If that’s not evidence enough, check out the review on Business Insider naming it best travel backpack of 2017.

It comes in four different colours: black, green, orange and blue. It retails for CAD $109 but is on sale today only for CAD $77. Shop at

So what are you waiting for? Buy it now at