Hi. I’m Kristine. Kristine Krynitzki. Often referred to as Hikes Near Vancouver. Or “hey you’re that Vancouver hiker person!”

I guess you could say I’m obsessed with hiking. There is just something so incredibly inspiring about looking out over a vast expanse of nothing but mountaintops and knowing your own two feet got you there.

Ever since my first real trek up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu back in 2006, I learned my true happiness lives amongst the magic of the trees and valleys and lakes in the high alpine.

Hikes Near Vancouver (HNV) is my passion project born out of my experience and interest in connecting people with the natural world in order to encourage understanding of and an interest in preserving wildlife and the environment. With a Bachelors degree in Communications and two decades of experience managing grassroots conservation projects, I volunteer my time to run HNV in addition to working as the Executive Director for a local wildlife education and preservation charity Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society, and helping my fiancé manage his door repair and installation business Vancouver Door Doctor.

Come along with me and enjoy the journey as I explore the super natural wonder that is the Pacific Northwest in all my hikes near Vancouver.


Love the content I’m creating and want even more? Looking to collaborate? Email me at info [at] hikesnearvancouver [dot] ca or send me a DM on IG. In addition to facilitating the HNV community of hikers in and around Vancouver, BC with my informational and inspirational social media content, this website, and the community hiking group I created and manage, I provide a variety of services through carefully selected partnerships. These include relevant and curated advertising (sponsored posts/stories and product/service reviews – contact me to receive a copy of my media kit), content creation, freelance writing such as travel guides, guest-speaking, guiding, trip planning, social media management, product modelling, and more. Visit kristinekrynitzki.com (coming soon!) to learn more about the services I offer, or see some of my recent partnerships linked here.

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