Guide to Hiking in Hope, BC

Hope, BC is the epicenter of all major roads leading out to epic outdoor recreation areas. The North Shore/Squamish/Whistler/Pemberton to the west, the Fraser Canyon/Lillooet/Stein Valley to the north, the Coquihalla to the northeast, and Manning Park/Okanagan to the east - all possible daytrips within 3-4 hours or less. Perhaps for this reason it has remained a hidden gem in the region, often overlooked as a mere pitstop to fill up fuel and grab a coffee en route to these other destinations. Hope is an epic outdoor recreationist's paradise that, like Squamish 10+ years ago, is just starting to be recognized, celebrated, and developed.


view from Hope Mountain
View from Hope Mountain looking south over Silver Lake


As a new Hopite myself as of September 2022, I have mixed feelings about writing this guide. I was drawn to move here for the affordable housing close to the mountains, but quickly fell in love with how quiet and less regulated the wilderness around here is. I want to maintain that calming quietness, however I am a big proponent of increasing access to the outdoors as I believe sharing in caring, and that the more people recreate in nature, the more likely they are to be responsible stewards of the environment. And so I share with you, dear reader, some of my favourite trails and other hidden gems in and near Hope, trusting that you will take good care, of yourself and our Mother Earth, by always following the Three Ts (Trip Planning, Training, and Taking Essentials) as well as always practicing Leave No Trace principles and ethics. Deal?

So without further do, here are some pretty great hiking trails in and around Hope, BC.