It’s truly amazing where your two feet can take you. Join Group Hikes Near Vancouver as we venture out into the great outdoors, exploring the many incredible hiking trails we have accessible from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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The trails we venture on in Group Hikes Near Vancouver will vary in level and location.


Interested in hiking with us?

Join our Facebook group “Group Hikes Near Vancouver”. Facebook events will be created for each group hike where people can chat about plans, organize ride-sharing, etc with each other like a forum.

For the sake of time, organization and safety, I will only be organizing hikes via the Facebook group.

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Feel free to subscribe to our channel on YouTube as well. On each hike I will be recording video clips and taking photos to be incorporated into a trail report for the hike.



Each hike will be different with most hiking trails being day hikes at a moderate level. Each group hike event will include details about the level of fitness/capability and any equipment required.


Locations of hikes will vary. Most hiking trails will be located within 3 hours drive of Vancouver, with many options right here like our North Shore mountains. Other areas include north to Pemberton, south to Mount Baker, east to Chilliwack and west to the Sunshine Coast. If there is great interest, we may plan farther overnight multi-day camping/backpacking treks.


As each hike will be different, I’ll be sure to note in the information if the trail allows dogs. If they’re allowed, bring them! Most hikes do allow dogs, but some on-leash only. In some areas however (like all of Garibaldi Provincial Park), dogs are strictly prohibited. I’ll be sure to let you know in the event details.

Regarding kids, that’s your call of course. If they’re super young and you’re going to need to stop a lot for them, or they walk super slow I would not recommend bringing your kid(s) on these group hikes. You’re welcome to try to see how they do but there are lots of other groups you’d probably be happier in like this Meetup. If your kids are into hiking and you think they can manage the terrain we plan to tackle though, we’d love to have them come along!




Some hikes may have costs required to access the trail, like taking the gondola up Grouse Mountain, or taking the ferry to an island destination, but we will not charge you anything extra for planning etc.



Be respectful, responsible and safe. And have fun! While we will do our best to ensure you have all the necessary information to prepare yourself, Hikes Near Vancouver is not responsible for your safety. Read below for safety precautions. All hikers are expected to stay with the group and look out for one another. This is purely the organization of a social get-together to share with each other our mutual interest in outdoor adventure. Anyone reported being unsafe or inappropriate in any way will be immediately removed and banned from the group.



Know before you go. Familiarize yourself with this short guide on hiking safety issued by North Shore Rescue.

No one expects to get lost or be trapped in the wilderness overnight or longer. Always carry these 10 Essentials:



Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries. Bring a small LED light as emergency back-up. Lack of light is the most common reason hikers need to call Search and Rescue.

headlamp 10 essentials

Signalling Device

Whistle (North Shore Rescue recommends the Fox 40 whistler with a lanyard).

fox 40 whistle, 10 essentials

Fire Starter

Matches (waterproof or in a plastic bag), lighter, or flameless firestarter like below.

Extra Clothes

While this depends on the season and location, generally make sure you have some warm clothes. ie toque, gloves or mittens, fleece jacket, Gortex (waterproof) jacket, good quality hiking socks.



A multi tool is best, but a good pocket knife with a quality blade will suffice.

This is the brand I use, Victorinox Swiss Army:


Warm emergency shelter: ie thermal tarp or bivvy sack.


Food & Water

Gatorade crystals recommended (or something with electrolytes), and high-energy food bars

First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should include: pocket mask, Sam Splint, bulk dressings, protective gloves, bandage, scissors and blister dressings.

This is the one I carry. It’s lightweight and waterproof.

first aid kit


Good quality compass with built-in declination adjustment, and both topographic and interpretive maps. An electronic GPS device only in addition to a compass and map (technology can and often does fail!).

bc backroads mapbook vancouver coast and mountains

I use a Garmin Fenix3 HR watch for my electronic navigation and tracking. Best Buy Canada sells lots of different Garmin watches which you can see here.

garmin fenix3 hr


Fully charged cell phone with extra batteries and a two-way family radio system (FRS). A Personal Locator Beacon such as a Spot is also recommended.

garmin inreach